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Further Configuration

Further Configuration

RSI Port / UDP Server IP Configuration

If you want to change the RSI port number or the UDP server IP (in order to use a different PC IP instead of the suggested of an already installed drag&bot driver then please follow the steps below.

  1. Log in as Expert.

  2. In the KUKA navigator, navigate to C:\KRC\ROBOTER\Config\User\Common\SensorInterface , select the dnb_rsi XMLfile and click on Open.

![001 Image](images/further_info/001.png)

  1. Change the port number under the XMl tag PORT and/or the UDP server IP under the XML tag IP_NUMBER. Then click the close icon. You can open the on-screen-keyboard by clicking the physical button Network Configuration Icon Xubuntu in the left side of the KUKA pendant.

![002 Image](images/further_info/002.png)

  1. Click Yes.

![003 Image](images/further_info/003.png)

  1. Enter the new port number in drag&bot and, if necessary, change the PC IP address in the operating system to match the one defined in the dnb_rsi XML file.

![038 Image](images/installation/038.png)