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How to build and execute simple programs


  • Create a simple program in the builder.
  • The program will move the robot between two positions.
  • The Move Cartesian function block and the Trajectory Wizard will be used.
  • How to duplicate and remove a function block.
  • How to run a program with the loop and the step function.

Create a new program

  1. Open the Program Overview.
  2. Select New Program button in the upper right.
  3. You will see the Builder.
  4. Give it a name on the top left text field, e.g. Move Test.

Arrange the program flow

  1. Add a Move Cartesian function block.
  2. Select Set Parameter on the added function block.

Please read first the trajectory wizard tutorial for further information.

  1. Select Set Pose with Wizard
  2. Move the robot to the desired position by using the arrows.
  3. Click Apply to assign the pose to the waypoint.
  4. Select Add to add a second waypoint. Repeat step 4 and step 5.
  5. Now select Save to finish setting the trajectory.

Tip: Change function blocks titles

You can change the name of any function block or subprogram in the program flow by clicking on the current name. For example name a Move Cartesian block Homeposition.

Tip: Search function blocks in the library

You can use the search filter in the library for localizing function blocks and better sorting.

Run the program

  1. Finish creating your program flow.
  2. Now select Save & Run.
  3. You will go automatically to the Runview.
  4. Press the run-button Run-Button to start the program.


Make sure there is no red box around the function blocks. Red boxes indicate missing parameters.

Info: Duplicate Function Blocks

  1. Go to the Builder.
  2. Select Duplicate on an added function block.

Info: Remove and restore the program flow

  1. Select Edit Program.
  2. Now select Remove on the second function block in the program.
  3. You can cancel the function block deletion during five seconds by selecting Restore.