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This section describes how you can connect the EPSON RC+ 7.0 software with a physical controller and gain control for changing configurations and installing or modifying programs. In the first tutorial is assumed that no program is running. If drag&bot is already running, please also check the second section.

Epson - Connecting to a Controller in Auto Mode

  1. Click on Change To Program Mode.


  2. Enter your controller password and click OK. The default controller setting is without a password, in that case just click OK.


  3. Click Yes.


  4. Click Yes again.


  5. When the Epson RC+ Software is opened, push the robot emergency switch.


  6. The run window will start showing ESTOP message. Release the robot emergency switch.


  7. The run window will start showing the Waiting for Client connection.... message. Click on the STOP icon.


  8. Select Offline in the Connection field.


  9. Select USB in the Connection field.


  10. Click on Stop.


  11. The running program is stopped and you can notice that the Project and Setup menu are activated.


  12. You can now continue with next steps to set up the drag&bot driver here .

Connect when drag&bot driver is running

If program tasks are already running in background. RC7+ software may complain that it cannot gain control of the controller because a program is already running. Restart, emergency stop, power off, etc. may not help. The following steps should unlock the controller.

  1. Start the robot controller in automatic mode. The driver will start running.

  2. Start RC7+ software tool in a Windows PC.

  3. Disconnect from USB pressing first the icon on the left of Connection and then Disconnect in the menu.


  4. Open the project and Rebuild / Build it. It may be necessary also to press Synchronize. Now the RC7+ software should have control of the controller.