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Denso - Driver Setup

Setup: Controller-Side


  • You need a robot based with the RC8 controller. Currently supported models are VS087 and Cobotta. Any other model can be integrated at request as long as they are based on this controller.
  • The robot authorization token (Executable Token) is set to Any in the controller.
  • IP address of the robot is known.

It is not necessary to install any additional software on the Denso robot controller. The connection will be established through the b-CAP communication protocol.

Setup: Network

You need to connect the robot controller with drag&bot IPC through Ethernet cable directly or through a switch. Usually the IP address of the robot will be, therefore drag&bot IPC computer address must be in the range (e.g. with a compatible mask (e.g.

More information about network can be found in network hardware setup and in network software setup documentation.