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Create your environment

Scenario Designer

The following chapter explains how to use the Scenario Designer.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Start the simulation.

  2. Go to Robot System and click on Scenario Designer.

  3. By clicking on Edit you can first change the position and orientation of the robot.

Add objects

  1. Click on the button Add object to name your new object and get to the object details.

  2. You can choose between cube, cylinder, sphere or CAD model.

  3. Click on CAD model and select one of the provided files (e.g. milling machine) or upload your own file.

  4. After you have applied the file, you can again adjust the scaling and position data.

  5. Repeat this procedure for objects of your choice (e.g. conveyor belt, table etc.).

  6. You can, for example, add a cube as a work piece and scale it accordingly.

Moveable objects

  1. To make the cube moveable, click on Moveable in the object details at the bottom and define an attach range (e.g. 0.3m).

  2. Once you have created your environment, you can run your programs in that environment.

  3. You can use the Import field in the object overview in the Scenario Designer to select further predefined scenarios or import your own scenarios.

  4. Please make sure that you export your individual scenario before the simulation is finished (after about 10 hours), because all scenarios will be reset after the simulation is finished.

  5. To re-import your scenario afterwards, use the Import field in the object overview.