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Operator's Panel

The Operator's Panel is a central controlling station for hardware components of a Robot System. The operator's panel can be opened by clicking this menu item Operators Panel in the left navigation menu. By using the Operator's Panel it is possible to:

  • Control the robot: this can be done in a Cartesian mode by controlling the TCP1 in base coordinates or in tool coordinate system. The third mode is controlling directly the joint angles of the robot.
  • Control the gripper: close and open the gripper, setting a certain speed and a certain force, etc.
  • Control the IOs: activate and deactivate the digital IOs2 of the robot controller.
  • Other functionality: depending on the active components installed on the Robot System, e.g. camera tab will be displayed, datastore database tab, etc.

  1. TCP: The TCP (the tool center point) of the robot is the transformation from the robot base till the tip of the tool. 

  2. Digital IOs: Digital Inputs or Outputs