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Universal Robots Offline Simulator

The Universal Robots company provides an Offline Simulator for download on their website. With the simulator you can easily test drag&bot with a simulated UR robot.

How to run the UR Offline Simulator:

  1. Go to the website (here) and download the simulator by selecting the robot model "CB-Series" or "e-Series" then > Software > Offline Simulator > Linux then select the simulator version.
  2. Click on download.
  3. Extract the downloaded simulator file.
  4. Open the extracted file, then right mouse and select 'Open Terminal here' to open the Linux shell, then run the command ./ to Install the simulator dependencies.
  5. Run the simulator by typing: ./ inside the extracted folder terminal.

  1. Start the drag&bot runtime and studio.
  2. Setup the robot system as described here
  3. Add the Universal Robot 5 or Universal Robot 5e as robot, depending if you chose the CB-Series or the e-Series before.
  4. After pressing the Update and install button, adjust the parameters as following.
  5. Set the Robot IP to
  6. Set the Simulation flag to true.
  7. The parameters Flange Forces and Joint-Velocity Interface have no effect with the simulation.
  8. For the Pause/Resume Interface please follow the description here (CB-Series) or here (e-Series).