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This section describes the requirements to use the KeTop with the drag&bot OS. After adding the KeTop device to the KeStudio project, you need to link its keys to variables that make it available to the drag&bot OS.


This interface is compatible with the Kemro X V4.5.0 and higher.

Setup KeStudio Project

In the KeTop component, open the I/O Mapping and link the KeTop variables as shown in the table below.

# Key Inputs Variable # Key Inputs Variable
1 F1 KEY_F1 14 Stop KEY_STOP
2 F2 KEY_F2 15 Jog6- KEY_JOG_6M
3 Menu KEY_HOME 16 Jog5- KEY_JOG_5M
4 Start KEY_START 17 Jog4- KEY_JOG_4M
5 Jog1+ KEY_JOG_1P 18 Jog2- KEY_JOG_2M
6 Jog1- KEY_JOG_1M 19 2nd KEY_2nd
7 V- KEY_VM 20 Jog3- KEY_JOG_3M
8 V+ KEY_VP 21 Step KEY_STEP
9 Jog6+ KEY_JOG_6P 22 Jog KEY_JOG_0
11 Jog4+ KEY_JOG_4P 24 Key switch position 2 KEY_SW_RIGHT
12 Jog2+ KEY_JOG_2P 25 Key switch position 1 KEY_SW_LEFT
13 Jog3+ KEY_JOG_3P

Beside the KeTop key mapping, you need to add a variable of type boolean with the name KeTopEnableSW to the Global Variables List (GVL_DNB file). This variable should be linked to the KeTop enabling switch by any means of communication (a hard wired digital I/O or a software signal).


At the drag&bot OS, go to the component manger and add the KemroX Variable Client and the KEBA KeTop Interface. Now you are ready to start using the KeTop with the drag&bot OS.