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Common Messages


View on GitHub: Command.msg 📄

This message contains a flexible movement command for robotic drivers.

  • Header header: Timestamp information (see: std_msgs::Header.msg)
  • uint32 command_id: ID of the movement command
  • string command_type: the movement type (LIN, PTP)


  • string pose_reference: Name of the used base frame for the relative positions
  • EulerFrame pose_reference_frame: (optional) The values of the reference frame. If not set, the command will be executed in '/base' frame.


  • string pose_type: type of the movement pose (JOINTS, QUATERNION, EULER_INTRINSIC_ZYX)
  • float32[] pose: the values of the target frame relative to the reference frame.


  • string velocity_type: type of the velocity values (M/S, RAD/S, %, ...)
  • float32[] velocity: the velocity values


  • string acceleration_type: type of the acceleration values (M/S^2, RAD/S^2, %, ...)
  • float32[] acceleration: the acceleration values


  • string effort_type: type of the effort values (N, NM, ...)
  • float32[] effort: the effort values


  • string blending_type: type of the blending values (M, RAD, %, ...)
  • float32[] blending: the blending values

Additional Parameters:

  • string[] additional_parameters: list of additional parameter names
  • float32[] additional_values: list of the corresponding values to the additional parameter names


View on GitHub: EulerFrame.msg 📄

Coordinates message of an arbitrary frame in Euler Intrinsic ZYX convention. For orientation alpha is rotated at first in the z-axis (yaw), then beta is rotated in the new y-axis (pitch) and finally gamma is rotated in the new x-axis (roll).

  • float32 x, y, z: translational coordinates of the frame in meters
  • float32 alpha, beta, gamma: rotational coordinates of the frame in rad


View on GitHub: IOState.msg 📄

Status message for an arbitrary digital input or output.

  • int32 pin_number: The number of the digital I/O pin.
  • bool pin_value: The status of the digital I/O pin.