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Release Notes: Runtime 2.0.5

2.0.5 - 2022-05-06


  • Fixed logging with threshold


  • Vision component only added once with any new camera added, can be removed
  • Refactoring: Added a system to deal with node_id as dict or list


  • Added error in case type is not matching for setting a value
  • Datastore Counter and Set Integer is now using datatype integer instead of int
  • For downward compatibility: Callback is allowing setting datatype int when integer is required
  • On startup migrates old datastore entries


  • Added debug flag: Remove exception in case of no object detected


  • Improvements in the connection and state handling
  • Fixed \r\n check


  • Including skill ID when switch block failed with error


  • Added that trajectory conversion also returns the poses of all joint states


  • Added Acknowledgement Modes
  • Minor improvements
  • Added Digital I/O Device Grippers 3 and 4


  • Added read input registers and coils from MODBUS server


  • Fixed pose and program deletion


  • Added Move-To-Position toggle for simbot
  • Added service to toggle simulated e_stop


  • Adjusted translation of other FBs, which are also conversions
  • Added MISMATCHING_TYPE exception to Datastore Set Value FBs


  • Fixed and updated collision meshes and URDFs


  • Fix: Robot does not stop in some cases when moved by control panel
  • Clear error button is shown in Studio in case of controller error
  • Updated compiled version of controller program
  • Fixed command server freeze fix and added file version numbers to all files
  • Added Estop to reset ResetDone in PLC Program
  • Removed WAITI in soft_stop as it may cause the command server to not continue
  • Changed speedlimit for lin from default 1.5m/s to 5m/s
  • Added verifying of controller program version and stop function if version is not supported
  • Added verification that movement was actually started
  • Added that hard stop is sent after soft stop, if robot does not stop within one second


  • Standardized robot data publishing and speed scale publishing