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Release Notes: Runtime 2.0.7

2.0.7 - 2022-09-02


  • Added get_values service


  • Added F1, F2 keys to ketop_information topic
  • Added Deadman switch, manual mode, auto mode status to the KeTop topic
  • Added service to set jog mode


  • Teach mode doesn't set robot to error anymore. E-Stop set motion possible and drives powered
  • Added error toggle to simulate error states


  • Added Get Timestamp FB; adjusted Changelog
  • Added csv FBs
  • Added quick access move creation FBs
  • Added datastore check boolean and io check FBs
  • Added create_robot_tcp FB and io set display title FB
  • Added Pose Checker Box - Complex FB and Markers - Show Box - Complex FB
  • Moved compare pose/joints to control&logic
  • Moved pose checker box FBs from robot to math
  • Fixed casting in pose checker box complex
  • Fixed breaking topic messages for KeTop wireless when reconnecting
  • Removed accidentally added complex box FBs


  • Added old IO FBs, which are only applicable Denso


  • Added old IO FBs, which are only applicable for IIWA


  • Adjusted CP LIN delta values for MZ01
  • Exchanged precompiled controller files by uncompiled files for controller upload
  • Increased controller program version to 3.2
  • Updated controller upload files
  • Simplified PLC and usertasks
  • Adjusted version and made version check more flexible
  • Adjusted build numbers for changed usertasks
  • Reduced PLC program and added third USertask instead
  • Added setting to not jump the robot after stop recovery
  • Increased timeout on servers and plc program


  • Updated launch file with control panel v3
  • Added prints, when connection is recovered
  • Changed spinning rate to 30Hz
  • Limited realtime socket processing rate to 30Hz


  • module.yaml fixed component not changing to error when ran successfully