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Palletizing: Christmas scenario

In the following chapter, we will show you how to use the palletizing position producer.

Here you can download the scenario and the finished program.

(1) Create a Palletizing program

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Import the provided christmas scenario in the Scenario Designer.
  2. Go in the "Programs section" to "Function blocks" and import the function block "Christmas tree ball position producer" (You can download the function block here).
  3. Change the TCP of your selected gripper (or create a new TCP) to Z:0.22m (all other coordinates remain 0).
  4. Go to the "Programs" area and create a new program.
  5. Drag a Move Cartesian function block into the programme and name it "Homeposition".
  6. Now add Simulator Gripper - Open and Palletizing position producer to the program.
  7. Set the parameter settings for the Palletizing position producer and follow the palletizing wizard.
    • Choose the regular grid type
    • Set the grid to 6 columns and 4 rows
    • Set the palletizing dimensions by moving the robot to the defined pallet positions
    • Define the two pick positions as described in the wizard.
    • Choose the picking sequence.
  8. Drag another Move Cartesian function block into the program.
  9. Open the parameter settings and click on the link symbol to the right of Trajectory.
  10. Link the trajectory with the "Approach trajectory" from the Palletizing position producer.
  11. Save the setting.
  12. Now add a Simulator Gripper - Close and a Move Cartesian block.
  13. Open the parameters of the Move Cartesian and link the trajectory to the Retreat trajectory of the Palletizinng position producer.
  14. Now add the Christmas tree ball position producer to the program and enter - for the provided scenario - the following values into the parameter settings: programme overview
  15. Drag another Move Cartesian function block into the program.
  16. Create a waypoint in front of the christmas tree balls and one in front of the christmas tree. The coordinates can be the following: Coordinates
  17. Create a third waypoint "Christmas tree ball positioner" and link the XYZ positions with the "Christmas tree ball positioner" positions:
    • To do this, go to the Generic parameter editor and click on the third waypoint in the menu on the left.
    • Link the XYZ coordinates under "Position" with the "Christmas tree ball positioner".
  18. Add the function block Simulator Gripper - Open to the programme.
  19. Duplicate the previous Move Cartesian block and delete the last waypoint in it. Swap the two remaining waypoints.
  20. Now drag a Loop do While function block into the programme and place all function blocks -except the first two- into the loop.
  21. Go into the parameter settings of the loop function block and link the input parameters with the "Palletizing Position Producer".
  22. Duplicate the first "Homeposition" function block and place it at the end of the programme, outside the loop.
  23. Done! You can now decorate your Christmas tree with the robot Program Overview