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Release Notes: Studio 1.8.2

[1.8.2] - 2022-09-02


  • Flag for kiosk mode to disable all links leaving the application
  • Flag for device ketop: control panel opens in fullscreen
  • Copy/paste and linking buttons to Datastore wizard
  • Possibility to leave profile and preferences page for viewer role
  • Dashboards can now be exported and imported
  • Option to shutdown/reboot when connected to a KEBA controller


  • Builder: Usability improvements for touch users
  • Operator panel overlay is only available for admins and technicians. Operator roles can still use an operator panel as a frame inside a dashboard in the Operator Cockpit
  • Creating a user does not show the skill reassign dialog anymore
  • Control panel uses fixed number of digits when displaying values
  • Quick access moves: several improvements
  • Changed max reconnect retry delay from 32s to 4s
  • Moved 'clear error' function from header to run panel
  • Robot status refactor
  • Resetting selected grid on program change
  • Trajectory wizard: waypoint list improvements for small screens
  • IO wizard in control panel always select a tab if at least one is available
  • Control panel changed detection strategy to on push
  • Operator-Cockpit: Dashboard selector is hidden if user can't edit dashboards and has only one dashboard to select from
  • Operator-Cockpit: Program selector is hidden if user has only one program to select from


  • Smaller styling issues in home panel
  • OnScreenKeyboard: now creating datastore id inputs
  • OnScreenKeyboard: Units fixed in control panel move-to function
  • Loading spinner in Scenario Designer add object dialog
  • Trajectory wizard: move-to-position function updates on paste
  • Input issues for unitvals
  • Quick access moves editor: copy/paste units and updates when setting values
  • Jogbar: Using prefered units
  • Datastore ID wizard shows items with the correct type
  • Unit conversion issue for scara robots and improved errors for exceeded joint limit
  • View blocking overlay which made more then half of the screen unusable
  • Missing apply/cancel buttons for poses in kpi panel
  • KPI panel joint rounding issue


  • Palletzing guide