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Release Notes: Studio 1.8.3

[1.8.3] - 2022-10-18


  • Custom Wizard functionality extended with new possiblities like embedded wizards, continue conditions, optimized layout for small screens ...
  • Quick Programs: Repeat Icon now available
  • Quick Programs: Config added not to stop on button release
  • Quick Programs: Show status as badge
  • More error information can now be shown when robot in error state
  • Camera wizard: Get device camera image and send it to file manager
  • Added export function for KEBA Kebian Devices
  • KeTop: JogBar can now toggle to make more space on Operator-Cockpit
  • KeTop: JogBar speed added quick select buttons
  • KeTop: Reload functionality when pressing 2nd + menu button
  • Operator-Cockpit: Operator and technicians can now modify the layout of the dashboard and save it
  • A checkbox to multi delete selected programs added to the confirming modal window saying that the program which you try to delete is used in another program
  • ParamView: Added save&run button
  • Datastore: Delete All Items button was added
  • Error acknowledgement with current position confirm of a robot for example for the UR


  • Point cloud disabled and can be by setting variables in the local storage
  • Retrying to look for clear error function multiple times
  • KeTop: Pressing play button now performs the same action as Save&Run button when in Builder
  • Using KeTop mode if available and robot is in automatic
  • Hiding generic parameter view for Operator if custom wizard is available
  • IO Wizard display titles are updated in IO polling process
  • Quick Moves: Tab available when there's no Quick Moves
  • Trajectory Wizard: Clicking on waypoints points on KeTop will open the waypoint list only on 2nd click
  • Operator-Cockpit: If program is not parametrized, clicking play will open parameter view
  • Re-added robot status guide step for operators and fixed selectors
  • Gripper wizard: A list of grippers was made instead of a dropdown.
  • Device setting saved in local instead of session storage, relogin on a KeTop device will open with the correct device flag again.


  • KeTop: Pressing play button multiple times in Operator-Cockpit doesn't open multiple load program dialogs anymore
  • Hiding Control Panel arrows on small screens if the "how to navigate" overlay is shown.
  • Component-Manager: Increased stop component timeout from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Will lead to components stopping/restarting cleanly.
  • Unit conversion issue in datastore poses
  • Modifiers use preferred units.
  • Operator-Cockpit: Opening Operator-Cockpit will always try to restore executor goal
  • Grid wizard optimizations for devices with small screens
  • Gripper wizard: Multiple Grippers can now be shown as sub tabs of the gripper tab in Operator Panel
  • Builder: Dropzones are disabled if the dropzone is in the dragged skill or its descendants dropping skills
  • Broken dependencies for oauth
  • Modulo modifiers work with units
  • Apply taking a lot of time
  • Unit issues when adding pose


  • Two last inactive steps removed, visibility of steps about selecting program and dashboard edited