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Release Notes: Runtime 2.0.9

2.0.9 - 2022-10-17

(NEW) dnb_virtual_walls

  • Now virtual walls can be included into the Scenario Designer, where the robot will stop before entering one.


  • Fixed deactivation of collision checking in actionizer at component shutdown


  • Increased stop component timeout from 2 seconds to 30 seconds. Will lead to a clean shutdown for components of drag&bot.


  • Moved ketop_status.msg to dragandbot_common


  • Added that ErrorCodeManager can also clear errors, to show more information of errors in drag&bot STUDIO


  • Added error code table
  • Added error code information


  • Added FB 'Integer to float'


  • Added COMAU Racer 5-0.63 model
  • Added COMAU Racer 7 model
  • Minor fix for robot status
  • Reduced condition to show wrong configured controller to be only init on main_robot_state and path_execution_state
  • Made driver flexible for Scara and 6axis kinematics
  • Added warning in case controller continuously sends init messages on status channel.
  • Added usage hint to readme in case of overlay
  • Added CM Status publishing depending on connection status


  • Added support for ErrorCodeManager
  • Adjusted because ErrorCodeManager provides now also ability to clear errors
  • Adjusted Controller Settings
  • Adjusted PLC program to not auto resetting errors
  • Removed ReduceSpeed rung in PLC program by default
  • Added changes for safe teaching
  • Fixed a bug, which might prevent Control Panel movements from starting
  • Fine tuned Control Panel delta rotations to work better with tools
  • Added header line to error code table; removed comma


  • Major refactoring to use only the primary connection to the UR


  • Minor fix for component status'
  • Added CM Status publishing depending on connection status
  • Added publishing of component status running
  • Fixed node name for Component Status Publisher
  • Fixed Component Status Publisher init