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drag&bot Studio Overview

The drag&bot graphical user interface is reachable through the internet browser. The drag&bot software in the web browser is called drag&bot Studio. The part placed on your machine which manages devices and run programs is called drag&bot Runtime.


We will send you the login credentials together with the drag&bot web application link after your purchase.


The homescreen is the view which is shown after the login or by selecting the second menu item called Home. From here you can navigate to the following screens:

  • Programs
  • Operator Cockpit
  • Robot System
  • Team
  • Help
  • Operator Panel


Programs in the drag&bot Studio contain all programs that have been created and shared by you or your team members. Here you can also see all Basic Function Blocks which can be used to compose programs.

Operator Cockpit

The Operator Cockpit is the HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) of the drag&bot software. It connects the user to the system. Here you can execute programs and control the robot.

Robot Systems

In the Robot Systems view it is possible to create one or more robot systems controlled by drag&bot. A Robot System is a connection to a running drag&bot Runtime. Therefore any Robot System needs a setup to the target machine where the drag&bot Runtime is installed.


In this section you can change your account settings (e.g. e-mail or password) and add new users.


In the Help area you can find a User Guide and a contact e-mail address for further questions.

Operator Panel

The Operators Panel also called Control Panel can be used to control hardware components of the system. E.g. you can move the tool or the joints of a robot, open a gripper, configure a camera, activate IOs, etc.