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Universal Robot e-Series

Reset UR Installation


This step is just necessary if you have a robot with an existing installation.

To use drag&bot, a clean installation file has to be loaded. This means that no TCP (Tool Center Point) is configured in the controller or the respective transformation must be a zero transformation.

  1. Move to the Homescreen.
  2. Press on the Open... icon and select Installation, then select the default.installation> file and press on Open.
  3. Backup the default installation file to keep the older settings by pressing the Save... icon and select Save Installation As..., give the file a new name such as backup.default then click on Submit-Button and select Use for now.
  4. Now load again the default.installation file.
  5. From the Homescreen move to the installation tab.
  6. Check if the TCP Configuration is correct in the TCP entry.
  7. If there are more than one TCP configured, select the TCP called TCP in the drop-down or create it new with the buttons New and Rename.
  8. Make sure the transformation of TCP is zero for all coordinates.
  9. Make sure TCP is set as default (the button Set as default is then disabled).
  10. After checking the TCP, save your changes with the buttons Save... and Save Installation As.... The selected installation should be the default installation. Click on Submit-Button and select overwrite File.

Enable Remote Control

The Universal Robot from the e-Series has a major change in comparison to the older Control-Box version. Everytime we want to use drag&bot, we need to change to the Remote Mode. That means the Universal Robot can be controlled from external sources. Therefore the user needs to change this explicitly in the UR Teach Pendant.

  1. Enable the remote control function in the settings

  2. Activate the remote control when using drag&bot

  3. Restart the dnb-runtime.

Configure Feature "Pause and Resume"

Newer versions of drag&bot provide a feature to pause the robot during movements and resume the movement later. As this feature requires special configuration at the robot controller, which is described in the following, it's marked as experimental feature.

To configure a e-Series robot controller for the pause and resume feature, perform the following steps in the teach pendant:

  1. Restart the robot controller.
  2. Switch to local mode of the UR controller.
  3. Touch the Program the Robot button.
  4. Touch the Wait button.
  5. Set 0.01 seconds as parameter.
  6. Select the Save Program As ... menu item in the upper bar.
  7. Enter the program name "DNB-Program" (without .urp ending).
  8. Press the Submit button.
  9. Switch to Installation > General > Startup.
  10. Enable Load default program and select DNB-Program.urp.
  11. Restart the robot controller.

Now you can enable the "Experimental Pause/Resume Interface" in the drag&bot Studio Component-Manager settings for the UR robot.