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Installation of Xubuntu operating system


This guide covers the process of installing Xubuntu operating system in a new PC from a bootable USB flash drive. If you already have an installed Xubuntu then continue with network configuration and installing drag&bot application.


  • USB flash drive with at least 2 GB. This value may be bigger in the future for new Xubuntu releases. Therefore we recommend at least 4 GB.
  • A working Windows or Xubuntu computer
  • The target PC to install the operating system.

Create a boot drive

Through this tutorial you will create a bootable USB flash drive which can be used to install the Xubuntu operating system in any PC. You can create it from a Windows or from a Linux computer.


All files on the USB drive will be deleted during this process. Please remember to save all your important files from that USB drive to a safe location before starting the process.

Windows Logo From Windows

  1. Download Etcher from
  2. Download xubuntu-20.04.6-desktop-amd64.iso or latest version from here.
  3. Insert a USB flash drive with at least 2 GB in a free USB plug on the computer you are using to create the bootable drive.
  4. Start Etcher and follow the instructions. If you are asked if Etcher can get write-permissions on your system, give the permissions. Alternatively run Etcher as an administrator.

Linux Logo From Xubuntu

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Install the USB Creator application by executing the following command: sudo apt update && sudo apt install usb-creator-gtk. If asked, please enter the current user password of the computer.
  3. Start the USB Creator by running this command: usb-creator-gtk.
  4. Download the latest xubuntu-20.04.x-desktop-amd64.iso or latest version from here.
  5. Mount the ISO file in the USB Creator by clicking the Other button and selecting it from your download folder.
  6. Insert a USB flash drive with at least 2 GB in a free USB plug on the computer you are using to create the bootable drive.
  7. The USB drive name will appear on the Disk to use list. Please be sure you are selecting the correct one. Select it and click Make Startup Disc to start the bootable drive creation.

USB Creator GTK

Xubuntu Installation


There are a couple of good tutorials available for installing Xubuntu from a bootable USB flash drive. The following one provides step by step guide for installing the operating system:

Please follow this tutorial attending to the following considerations:


  • Step 07: Choose your correct keyboard layout e.g. German
  • Step 08: Please set your username and password. Please set username and password to dragandbot. You may change the password later if needed. This password will be in the future asked for login and for sudo commands.