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Introduction to Builder view


The builder is the drag&bot Studio page where users can create drag&bot programs. You can access the Builder view through new program in the program overview.

The Builder view is divided in three different parts:

  • On the upper part you will find the program configuration. For example, on the top left the program can be named, which is necessary to save or execute the program.
  • On the left part, the Function Block and Programs library is displayed. Here are the basic blocks you can use to build your program.
  • On the right part is located the program canvas. Here you can drop function blocks, programs, parameterize them, link them and create program flows.

1. Program configuration

By selecting Edit Information the program description can be set and the icon can be changed. These properties are visible in the program overview list as seen in the picture below.


When a program is created it can be saved by selecting Save Program in the top right and to start a program the Runview is entered by selecting the next button Save & Run.

2. The Function Blocks (FNBs or FBs) library

Function Blocks are displayed at the builder view on the left side of the page. The FNBs can be placed into the program sequence by drag and drop from the library to the right canvas. Alternatively, the plus sign next to a FNB can be pressed also to add them. Programs created by a user can be used as function block in another programs.

There is also a search filter available whcih helps to find a function by entering part of the functions name.

The function blocks are divided in three different categories:


I. Function Blocks

Function Blocks are the fundamental functions of drag&bot. They are used to compose running programs. Basic FNBs are usually but not only related to the control of robots or their hardware components e.g. opening a gripper. Within the Function Blocks category you can selct between five different subcategories:

  • Basic: Contains function blocks like User Dialog and Raise Custom Exception
  • Control & Logic: Contains function blocks like And,Or and Compare function blocks. The Control Structure can be used for creating more complex program flows such as conditions, loops and parallel sequences. Program parts can be repeated, run at same time with other parts or will only be executed when a specified condition is fulfilled.
  • Math: Contains math expressions
  • Robot: Contains all function blocks that use the robot, e.g. Move Cartesian
  • Advanced: Contains Grid Store function blocks and Palletizing Position Producer

II. Programs

In this section you will find all of your other programs that you can use as a subprogram.

III. Clipboard

You can copy function blocks to the Clipboard and paste them into any program.

Functions and Programs

Functions are tools in drag&bot to create programs or control robots. A Program is a collection of functions to perform operations for the user.

3. Builder canvas

The right part of the Builder page is a canvas for program composing. You will be able to drop function blocks, change the order, create sequence flows, parameterize them and link inputs and outputs of these function blocs.