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Release Notes: Studio 1.9.0

[1.9.0] - 2023-04-24


  • Added meshServerPort to robotsystems to make mesh server connection configurable
  • Added scrollbar to trajectory wizard waypoint list on small screens
  • Added an option buttons dropdown to the User Dialog which appears instead of buttons when there're too many of them
  • Added kiosk device flag to hide links leaving the web-app
  • Added throttling to joint slider updates in operator panel to reduce CPU usage
  • Added Quick Access Programs continue on release functionality
  • Added possibility to disable movement arrows
  • Added timestamps to console
  • Added option to use the current datastore value when parametrizing the function block
  • Added configuration to change the port of the mesh server
  • Added error message when copying is not possible due to missing storage capacity
  • Added config to make grid-manager panel read-only
  • Added customizable Themes and dark / bright mode toggle
  • Added meshServerPort to robotsystems to make mesh server connection configurable


  • Programs can now be shared to specific users
  • Set default robot system IP to
  • Removed the "type" column from the "Add Component" dialog
  • Improved contrast for user dialogs in operator cockpit
  • Datastore ID Wizard shows the id and the display title when selecting a datastore entry
  • Improved the clarity of the robot status color meaning
  • Moved Human-Interaction to run panel when not in Operator Cockpit
  • Programs can be shared to specific users instead of only having the option to share with all
  • Improved KPI panel input fields
  • Improved notification center styling
  • Improved detectability of the currently select waypoint in the trajectory wizard
  • Enabling function blocks to create non-blocking user messages
  • Several improvements to robot connection and reestablishing a stable connection
  • Searching function blocks looks for matches in the selected language as well as in english
  • No jog-bar when KeTop is in auto mode
  • Improved styling
  • Programs can now be shared to specific users


  • Fixed "Quick Access: Moves" editor style on small screens
  • Fixed datastore copy/paste functionality due to removal of deprecated Event.path property in chromium v109
  • Fixed user guides on small screens
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to write settings to a Zimmer gripper.
  • Fixed skill library open/close in nested builder when using devices with small screen
  • Fixed an issue which lead to a wrong robot-status being displayed
  • Fixed an issue causing the robot visualization to disappear
  • Fixed issues with duplicated parameter titles