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Release Notes: Studio 1.7.5

1.7.5 - 2022-05-05


  • Prepared KEBA Theme
  • Configurable on-screen keyboard
  • TouchDevice config to invert zoom
  • Trajectory Wizard: Small waypoint tree quick add button
  • Zimmer Gripper Wizard: Message when Zimmer Gripper has no device setted up
  • Copy/paste in Datastore entries
  • Gripper wizard: Added gripper off button for io grippers
  • Component-Manager: Showing component status to single components
  • Trajectory Wizard and Operator Cockpit: Speed slider added for Move-to-Position
  • Added role 'Viewer': Can now only view a dashboard and not control programs or a robot anymore.
  • Native warning when unsaved changes


  • Home, Program Library, Operator Panel, Builder, Operator Cockpit, Robot System: Optimization for small screens
  • Touch screen improvements for Builder
  • Operator Cockpit can now reload a 3rd party loaded program without a warning
  • LIN/PTP move toggle updates when goal option is changed in a different view
  • Visualization: Set default FPS to 10 and removed 60 FPS option
  • Function Block Library: Made exceptions to dataType changes not breaking in both directions
  • Removing vision module is disabled when component of the type driver/(smart)camera is installed
  • Recycle bin for deleted programs/function blocks in library


  • Robot speed slider does not jump when initializing
  • Quick Access Moves: Can be started when in position
  • Quick Access Poses: Improved error handling when deleting
  • Trajectory Wizard: Fixed reference pose always shown as invalid
  • Move to toggle displaying wrong value
  • Move-to-position: 'In position' does not block moves anymore
  • Trajectory Wizard: Switching back from relative to absolute mode correctly updates the move to position target
  • Reduced min height for Operator Cockpit panels with no title
  • Function Block Library: Only showing newer versions in update dialog + GUI tab improvements
  • Sorting by FB translation in builder skill library
  • IO-selector for devices with the same group ID
  • Attaching tool marker to 'robot_state_tcp' instead of 'flange' frame in TCP editor