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Relative Movements

What you will learn

  • Relative movements in trajectory wizard.
  • Relative move function block.
  • Trajectory parameter structure tree.

In the drag&bot Trajectory Wizard we can setup the robot to move relatively to a given pose.

The following steps are necessary to move the robot relatively to a reference pose:

  1. Open the Trajectory Wizard.

  2. Set the motion type to Relative Waypoint.

  3. In Pose Reference: Select your reference pose.

  4. In Pose: Set the delta relative to the reference e.g. z = 0.1.

Your robot will move relatively to a fixed pose reference. You may also link the whole or a part of the relative position to create movement relative to dynamic generated positions. E.g. move 10 cm up from a camera localized position.

Function Block: "Move Cartesian Relative"

This function block offers a similar functionality with a simplified interface.