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Release Notes: Runtime 2.0.6

2.0.6 - 2022-06-21

(NEW) dnb_collision_detection BETA

  • Added a module to visualize the moved path of the TCP of a robot.
  • Added a module to predict collision based on the 3D environment from the Scenario Designer
  • Added a module to forecast the movement and visualize it based on runtime data.


  • Added HC20DTP robot


  • Fix: Program names only consisting of numbers are now executable
  • Fix for programs without units
  • Added unit conversion when output and input have a unit field
  • When E-Stop is pressed during robot execution the whole program is cancelled and stopped


  • Fix: Crash in FB IO Gripper - Check Gripped


  • Fix: Save a qap with the same name


  • Added stop_on_input to ControlCommandParser


  • Fixed an issue in Digital I/O Device - Wait For if the service call failed. Could lead to random errors when waiting for a longer time period.


  • Changed controller interface version back to 3.0
  • Added move until input via additional commands
  • Changed waiting at several waypoints to skip waiting until movement has started
  • Added flag to communication to delay the movement start until the next command was loaded