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Fanuc R-30iB Controller Requirements

drag&bot is compatible with the R-30iB controller. This includes the R-30iB Mate and R-30iB Plus variants. Further drag&bot is only compatible with specific Fanuc Software Versions and requires specific Fanuc Controller Software Options. How to discover whether your setup fulfills the requirements is described in this section.

Determine Fanuc Controller Software Version

  1. In order to determine your controller version with the teach pendant press the soft button, enter the STATUS menu and there the Version ID section and there SOFTWARE in the bottom bar.
  2. The entry Software Edition No. describes the Fanuc controller software version, e.g. V8.20P/31. Just the first part of the software version is relevant, e.g. V8.20.
  3. drag&bot is only compatible with the following Fanuc controller software versions: V9.40, V9.30, V9.10, V8.36, V8.33, V8.30, V8.23, V8.20, V8.13, V8.10

Determine Fanuc Controller Software Options

  1. In order to determine your installed controller software options with the teach pendant, press the soft button, enter the STATUS menu, there the Version ID section and there ORDER FI in the bottom bar. Probably you need to press the soft button '>' to switch to the second page.
  2. All installed sofware options are listed. In case there are more options installed than can be shown on one page, press the button YES in the bottom bar to continue displaying the list.
  3. The software options R648 User Socket Msg and R632 KAREL are required to be installed on the robot controller to use drag&bot.


If the software option R632 KAREL is not listed, this does not neccessarily mean it is not installed. Especially newer controller versions support Karel without being listed in the software options.

Used User Tasks, Registers, Pose Registers and Flags

The drag&bot controller program uses

  • four User Tasks and one Motion Task,
  • the Fanuc Registers 200 to 300,
  • the Fanuc Position Registers 100 to 105,
  • the Fanuc IO Flags 100 to 115 and
  • the Fanuc communication servers 3 and 4.

for the internal processing. The registers and flags should not be used for other purposes or the values might be overwritten by the drag&bot controller program. Before installing the drag&bot controller program ensure to enable the registers in the Fanuc controller settings. See the respective setup section for more information about this.