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How does the installation work? Who takes care of it?

The installation of drag&bot works on an industrial PC with preinstalled Linux with a mouse click via an installation script. This requires no special knowledge of Linux. For KUKA and Fanuc robots it is also necessary to configure a program on the robot controller. For this purpose, commissioning on site by drag&bot employees is currently necessary. If you do not want to take care of the installation of drag&bot on an IPC yourself or have never installed Linux before, we are happy to provide you with a prepared IPC that you can use to start directly.

What exactly is the required operating system and the necessary components/libraries?

The required operating system is Xubuntu 16.04. When installing drag&bot, ROS Kinetic is also installed.

What technical requirements must the IPC meet?

A computer with Intel i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 64 GB hard disk and at least 2 network interfaces is recommended.

Is it possible to perform the installation in a virtual environment?

Yes, it is. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TeamViewerQS support program doesn't start

Please be sure that you have extracted the tar.gz file into a directory and you run teamviewer executable from the extracted directory. In Ubuntu/Xubuntu 20.04 you may need to run it from the console using the following command: LC_ALL=C ./teamviewer. This is a known bug from TeamViewer which is planned to be solved in the future.


Component does not show up in frontend list

The component manager scans the main installation directory .dnb (managed by the dnb-center) and the development overlay directory dnb_catkin_ws for ROS packages containing DNB components (marked by the existence of module.yaml configuration files). These are the components the FE then presents to be added to the startup launch file. Make sure your desired DNB component is part of a ROS package in the DNB release or you have manually put the desired ROS package inside the development overlay and – if necessary (e.g. written in C) – built it with catkin build.

Which robot brands/models are supported by drag&bot?

This robots are currently supported by drag&bot.

(Easy Setup: No controller-side installation required.)

Manufacturer Model Bundle-Release Fast Setup
Universal Robots 3 (CB/e-Series) ✅ ✅
5 (CB/e-Series) ✅ ✅
10 (CB/e-Series) ✅ ✅
KUKA IIWA 7 R800 ✅ ❌
IIWA 14 R820 ✅ ❌
Controller: KRC4 ✅ ❌
Denso VS087 ✅ ✅
Cobotta ✅ ✅
Mecademics Meca500 ✅ ✅
Fanuc Most models ✅ ❌
ABB Controller: IRC5 ✅ ❌
Stäubli Most models ✅ ❌
YASKAWA Most models ✅ ❌
EPSON Most models ✅ ❌
Mitsubishi - Coming Soon -