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Application examples

Ever wondered where the drag&bot Software is used? Then look no further. This page contains example applications using the drag&bot Software.

Fanuc robot compact handling cell with OTEC Streamfinish machine

Here you can see the automated component handling in front of an OTEC streamfinish facility with a compact handling system unirobot 8P khs from FMB Maschinenbau.

Screwing application with Atlas Copco screwdriver

This screwdriving application with an Atlas Copco screwdriver and other components is an example of how drag&bot can be used to automate frequently occurring tasks in your production quickly and easily.

Automated robot soldering with drag&bot

Soldering by hand can mean many challenges because it's difficult to keep the perfect temperature or amount of soldering tin. Using robots for soldering can be a solution as a robot works very precisely and efficiently. However, there is one downside to using robots which is the fact that this usually requires great robot know-how. Luckily, setting up a simple soldering application with drag&bot can be done by anybody in a short time and without expert know-how.

In this example we established a direct communication between drag&bot and the controller of the Zeus - 100 soldering gun by ALNEA. This enables users to operate the soldering gun in drag&bot with special Function Blocks (e.g. temperature and movement speed). By importing these soldering function blocks into the drag&bot software, a simple no-code soldering program flow can now be created.

Soft Gripping from Wegard with KUKA