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Setup Modbus TCP/IP Component

Modbus Component Setup

Add Modbus Component

  1. Select Robot system from the main menu located in the left side of the screen. 001
  2. Click on Add component. 002
  3. Select the Modbus TCP/IP Interface and click Install. 003


  1. Click on the pen symbol to configure the Modbus component. 004

  2. Enter your Modbus Server IP & Port Numbers, activate the Use Header if you want to use the Modbus to control the drag&bot programs, and enter the address of the first holding register that contains the drag&bot command then click Apply. 005

  3. The component status should be Running 006

Setup Programs for Remote Execution


  • Program names should contains alphabet characters, using numbers does not work
  • In case you modify the programs in the future, you need to repeat points 3 & 4 below (release & install).
  1. Select Programs from the main menu located in the left side of the screen, . 007
  2. Open the required program or create a new one. 008
  3. Click on the small arrow beside the Save button and select Release as x.x.x 009
  4. Click on the three dots (...) beside your release program version and select Install on robot system. 010
  5. You can see the installed programs and delete the old releases in the Installed Programs tab. 011