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Wizards are an important feature of drag&bot. They simplify the usage of function blocks. Several types of wizards exist within drag&bot.

A wizard is always tied to one or more datatypes (field dataType) of function block parameters as shown in the following table:

Wizard DataTypes Explanation
Control Panel Wizard 'pose', 'position', 'orientation', 'joints' Shows the Control Panel to move the robot in different coordinate systems.
Control Command Wizard 'controlCommand' ?
Localize Wizard 'cv_paramters' Shows the computer vision function block. The actual parameters are arbitrary. With the wizard the function block can be executed directly with all parameters without needing to start the program. Further the camera view and a result image is shown.
Palletize Wizard 'grid_data' Wizard to parametrize the Palletizing Position Producer function block.
Three Point Wizard 'pose' Wizard to calculate a pose from three robot positions. This allows a higher precision of the resulting orientation.
Trajectory Wizard 'trajectory' Wizard to parametrize cartesian trajectories with multiple waypoints, including movement type, speed, acceleration and blending.
I/O Wizard 'io' Wizard to select an I/O from all I/Os provided in the robot system.