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Nachi CFD Usage


This assumes that setting up the Nachi CFD controller for drag&bot has successfully been accomplished.

Running a Nachi CFD Controller robot with drag&bot

  • Starting and connecting drag&bot to the controller can be done in manual mode or playback mode.
  • Start the CFD controller. It will automatically start background tasks to connect to drag&bot.
  • Start drag&bot with the Nachi CFD robot selected. It is now possible to watch the robot from drag&bot.
  • Release the emergency buttons both at the Nachi CFD controller and teach pendant.
  • In playback mode the controller will power the motors automatically, when connected to drag&bot and all emergency buttons are released. Furthermore, the controller has to be put in a mode that motor power and program selection are controlled from an external source in opposite to being controlled from the controller itself. Changing between this two modes can be performed by keeping the button pressed while toggline between the modes with or , where the button with "Ext" indicates the external mode is active, while the button with "Con" indicated the controller mode is active. Note that the button is locked by default and just unlocks while pressing the enable button .
  • In teach mode the robot can not be moved and only watched from drag&bot. It still can be moved from the teach pendant when the motor power and program selection source is set to controller. To change this in teach mode, open the menu on the right side bar. Adjust the entry 2 MotorsON/START sel.source to Controller and save the change with the button in the bottom right corner. The robot can be moved after enabling motors with pressing together with (the led starts blinking). To actually move the robot, press the deadman switch and use the direction buttons in the center of the teach pendant. Pressing button changes through different types of coordinate systems.
  • The controller will revoke power and disable the motors when changing between playback and teach mode or when the communication to drag&bot is closed.

Digital Inputs and Outputs

The Nachi CFD controller provides several Digital I/Os, which are accessible through drag&bot. They depend on the digital I/O hardware boards mounted in the controller and the settings made in the Component Manager.

Digital I/O Groups Type drag&bot Pins
Digital Input Board 1 Digital Input DI1[1] - DI1[32]
Digital Output Board 1 Digital Output DO1[1] - DO1[32]
Digital Input Board 2 Digital Input DI2[1] - DI2[32]
Digital Output Board 2 Digital Output DO2[1] - DO2[32]
Digital Input Board 3 Digital Input DI3[1] - DI3[32]
Digital Output Board 3 Digital Output DO3[1] - DO3[32]
Digital Input Mini Board Digital Input DImini[1] - DImini[8]
Digital Output Mini Board Digital Output DOmini[1] - DOmini[8]

To interact with the Digital I/Os using this numbering in your programs use the function blocks

  • Digital I/O Device - Get
  • Digital I/O Device - Set
  • Digital I/O Device - Wait For

as described in the Function Block Library overview.

Advanced Movements

Advanced movements are available with the Move Cartesian - Advanced and Move Joints - Advanced function blocks. For the Nachi Controller the stop_on_input command is available, which will stop the movement prematurely, if the signal of the configured input is set to high. The syntax is "stop_on_input io_group io_number", e.g. "stop_on_input DI1 5" to stop the robots movement, if the signal digital input 5 of I/O board 1 is high.