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Install Programs


Any program can be installed (copied) to the selected Robot System in order to be able to run it without opening drag&bot Studio with respective components.

How to install programs on the Robot System

  1. Go to the Program Overview.
  2. Open the respective program in the My Programs tab.
  3. Release the program by using the respective alternative at the Save button. release program
  4. After releasing the program the view automatically returns to the program overview and shows the release. released program
  5. Select Install on robot system in the drop-down menu of the release (not in the dropdown of the latest version). install program
  6. Installed program can be found in the Installed Programs tab of the program overview. listed installed program
  7. Restart the robot system. This is necessary to reload the database of installed files on the robot system.
  8. The program can now be started by respective components, like PLCs, without opening drag&bot Studio.
  9. In case the program is modified later, you need to release the latest version and install the program again.