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Pick&Place programs

The following chapter contains variants of the Pick&Place program that build on each other:

  1. Create a basic Pick&Place program,
  2. Extension: Movement optimization
  3. Extension: Add loop
  4. Extension: Add input parameters
  5. Extension: Add case distinction and user dialog

What you will learn

  • Adding the "Loop" function
  • Determination of the number of loops

Extension: Add loop

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step Guide

  1. The basis of the program is the Pick&Place program with PTP and blending of the previous chapter.

  2. Go to the program overview and duplicate the previous program.

  3. Edit the copy of the program and rename the program first.

Adding the loop

  1. The Loop For function block repeats the execution of a program in loops.

  2. To do this, drag the Loop For function block to the beginning of the program.

  3. You now see another program field within the Loop For function block. Drag all previous function blocks into this field. Program overview

Reset simulator and palette

  1. Also add the function block Simulator Reset - All to reset the simulator and palette at the end of the loop.

  2. Drag the two Homeposition blocks before and after the Loop For function block.

  3. To determine the number of loops, click on the Set Parameters field next to the Loop For block. Now you can set the number in the Turns field.

  4. Ready! You have created a Pick&Place program with a loop and can now run the program.
    (You can download the program here. At "My Programs" -> Import from file you can load external programs into drag&bot.)

Program overview