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Pick&Place programs

The following chapter contains variants of the Pick&Place program that build on each other:

  1. Create a basic Pick&Place program,
  2. Extension: Movement optimization
  3. Extension: Add loop
  4. Extension: Add input parameters
  5. Extension: Add case distinction and user dialog

What you will learn

  • Creating input parameters
  • Including the input parameters in function blocks

Extension: Add input parameter

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step Guide

  1. The basis of the program is the Pick&Place program with loops from the previous chapter

  2. Duplicate the previous program again and rename it.

  3. To define input parameters, click on Set parameters to the right of the Input parameters field at the beginning of the program field.

  4. Click on Add input parameters.

  5. Describe the parameter (e.g. number of loop passes), select integer as parameter type and save the settings.

  6. Click on Set Parameter in the Loop For block

  7. Use the Connect Value button to select the previously determined input parameter via the blue tick Program Overview

  8. The purple dots now appearing indicate the link between Loop For block and Input Parameter.

  9. Ready! You have now defined the number of loop passes with input parameters.
    (You can download the program here. At "My Programs" -> Import from file you can load external programs into drag&bot.)

Program overview