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Introduction to units

In the following chapter the functions and possibilities of the drag&bot unit system are explained.

To make working with drag&bot more flexible you can set your preferred units. All values that are in the same unit base will then be displayed in the unit you selected.

Setting unit preferences

Unit preferences can be set in the preferences view. The preferences view can be reached by clicking on your username and selecting Preferences in the menu.

Preferences View

Currently available units are

Base Units
Length m, mm, inch
Angle deg, rad

Units and parameter

For parameters the Function-Block developer can define a unit. For more on Function-Block development read the developers guide.

Units in input parameters

When parametrizing an input parameter with a set supported unit the value will be displayed in your preferred unit. If you need to enter the value in a different unit you can change the unit of each parameter.

Input parameters

Units in output parameters

When using a Function-Block with no defined unit for the output parameters you can set a unit in the parameter view. This can come in handy when you e.g. read values from the datastore.

Ouput parameters

Linking with units

When linking two parameters there can occur multiple scenarios:

Input has no unit Input has unit
Output has no unit Values are used as given User has to select a unit for the output
Output has unit Output unit is ignored Values are converted on runtime if possible