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Release Notes: Studio 1.11.0

[1.11.0] - 2024-05-14


  • Added info when selected I/O device or group are empty
  • Added support for control block type "collapsible"
  • Program dependencies can be sorted by titles
  • Loading wizards from components
  • Relative move to position
  • Ability to toggle a simulated state of IOs and set values of simulated inputs
  • Copy functionality to resolved parameters in debug mode
  • I/O in categories can be sorted
  • Reading move-to-position accuracy from robot config
  • I/O Gripper shows current state if available
  • WebSocket authentication to ROS-Bridge
  • Added support for the control flow type "Collapsible"


  • Improved performance on devices with low-end hardware
  • Operator Panel I/O tab does not depend on a running robot anymore
  • Improved parameter linking with deactivated function blocks
  • Changed Function Block User Dialog to have a more clear displaying style logic
  • Stepwise execution is only available in when debug mode
  • Component parameter password field characters are replaced with bullet characters in Component Manager
  • Parameter constraints need to be fulfilled to apply parameters
  • Changed an end-to-end testing framework and fixed existing tests
  • Improved feedback when jogging with KeTop
  • Moved Quick Access Program management to installed programs tab
  • Default move-to-position accuracy from 0.5 mm to 0.1 mm
  • Replaced I/O Polling with I/O changes topic to reduce delays during I/O updates
  • Changing password requires the current password
  • Improved feedback for I/O Wizard if selected I/O doesn't exist
  • Changing password requires the current password


  • Fixed small width appearance for the I/O panel
  • Fixed I/O tab behaviour on I/O changes when there are few robots
  • Fixed password hiding/showing when enter is pressed
  • Fixed a horizontal overflow for the I/O widget in Operator Cockpit
  • Fixed duplicated IOs when creating a first category for a robot
  • Fixed color of apply buttons, checkboxes and toggles