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Deploy Program offline


Any program can be deployed (copied) to the selected Robot System in order to be able to run it without Internet connection and without opening drag&bot Studio. For this purpose, drag&bot provides the Simple Runview which doesn't require Internet connection.

Why deploying programs?

Even when a Internet connection is not available it is still possible to run drag&bot programs; the Simple Runview allows the execution of programs while not being connected to the drag&bot servers. Deploying means saving a drag&bot program on the Computer and thus being able to execute it while being offline.

How to deploy

  1. Go to the Program Overview.
  2. Choose a program in the My Programs tab.
  3. Select Deploy on Robotsystem from the drop-down menu. deploy on robotsystem

  4. Now (even offline) start the Simple Runview from the toast message below menu.

![start simple Runview toast](images/deploy_program_offline/start-simple-runview.png)

Alternative: Open the runtime and select Simple Runview from the File menu.

![start simple Runview](images/deploy_program_offline/start-simple-runview-box.png)

  1. Loading a program by pressing the Load button allows executing the program.

![load program](images/deploy_program_offline/load-program-box.png)